Our Products


We rear our own animals for lamb, pork and beef. When ready these are sent to a small local slaughter-house which means we are guaranteed to get our own animals back. We process and butcher all the meat from these animals ourselves.

Lamb and Beef

Home reared, Mainly grass-fed outside when possible with a supplement of local Grain. We rear a variety of breeds to suit all tastes. Breeds we have reared include: Aberdeen Angus, Belgian Blue, Charollais and Dexter. All our beef is hung on the bone for at least 3 weeks, improving the texture and flavour of the meat.

Pork and Bacon

We have our own rare breed pigs from which we make our sausages, dry-cure bacon and gammon. Breeds we have bred from and reared include Tamworth, Berkshire, Gloucestershire Old Spot, Saddleback and Middle White.

Poultry, Eggs and Game

We source free-range eggs locally and also supply free-range whole chickens and portions. Local game is available when in season.

Sausages and Burgers

We hand-make our own sausages from our pork, made to various flavours. All are made of good-quality meat. A selection of flavours are:

  • Plain pork
  • Baa Hill special recipe
  • Pork and apple
  • Pork and rhubarb

Please ask which are available.

We also make steak burgers using our fresh steak mince.

Cooked Meat

We have a selection of cooked meats ready for your sandwiches and salads. Availability varies.

Other local produce

We have a selection of local produce available, depending on the season. This includes:

  • Local Vegetables, quantity and variety seasonal.
  • Fruit from Woore Fruit Farm, in season.
  • Local cheese
  • Milk
  • Bread from local bakery
  • Pies made from our meat at a local bakery
  • Jams and sauces